Ricky Ford & Adrian Yates – Asset management

Ricky Ford

Robert Tye from ABS – RFID

Robert Tye

Adrian Mayhew from Berendsen – Implementing change

Adrian Mayhew

Mike Palin from the TSA – Standards inspiring the industry

Mike Palin

Jackie Chappell – Cleaning Entrepreneur

Jackie Chappel

Jonathan O’Brien from The Drycleaner App- Benefits of Apps


Wayne Wudyka from CRDN – Diversify or Die

Wayne Wudyka

Keisuke Uchikoshi from Sankosha – The worldwide cleaning market


Michael Williams from Electrolux – Wetcleaning

Michael Williams

Mick Christian from Electrolux and Stuart Boyd from LTC – Training

Mick Christian

Colin Hill from Blue Dragon – EPoS with social media

Colin Hill

Safechems Tobias Bertram – New standard for Perc


Robin Rhodes from the TSA – Looking after your staff

Robin Rhodes

Roger Salmon from the TSA – Empowering teams


Dr Steve Jenkins fro Xeros – Technical innovations

Steve Jenkins

Eoin Flavin from Washing Systems – Low temperature washing

Eoin Flavin

Lorraine Dale from the UKHA – A housekeepers view

Lorraine Dale